Those regrets

Recapitulated regrets fling themselves in my face:
Sharp memories that cut at my careful visage.
Oh how I shrink at the reminder of my  selfishness!

A chance,
I ask for merely one.
To love as once I should have done.


Prayer of an earnest seeker

God of grace and forgiveness,

I seek your will;

With your love and mercy

May I be filled.


Your ways are ever higher,

Your mercies run sweet and deep.

Your love is an illuminating fire

Refining every part of me.


My mind cannot grasp

The grandeur of your majesty;

You overwhelm me with your love

Which lasts forever unto eternity.


Lead me, oh God,

In your ever perfect way.

To be always near you,

Oh Lord, is what I pray.


May everything I say and do

Be truly as if unto you.





The curtain rustles in the nightwind,

A hazy white banner in the dark,

Signalling my approaching surrender.


My heart flutters.


Resolves have always been made,

And broken,

In the night.


But morning brings with it




I’m not coming back.

At take-off

Heavyhearted gravity pins me to my seat

As I watch the tilting world below me;

A swirling swell of


And one of them is you.


Higher, higher,

Shooting through the blinding white


-Into blue suspension-


My stomach stayed behind

Somewhere on the ground,

Where I let go of you.


I think you know;

I’m not coming back.